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Seaweed Fertilizer: Giving Crops Blue Seafood


Seaweed is one of the species with the longest history on the earth. At present, the seaweed farming industry is distributed in 44 countries around the world, with an annual output of tens of millions of tons and a value of billions of dollars. More and more businesses are smelling business opportunities in the seaweed market .

Now, seaweed fertilizer allows crops to "eat" new nutrients. Seaweed fertilizer bulk is a fertilizer made from seaweed, a marine plant, as the main raw material or core raw material, through a special extraction process, and then processed with the necessary nutrients for crops. Applying seaweed fertilizer is like "eating seafood" for crops. According to different colors, seaweed is usually divided into red algae, green algae and brown algae. The extract of sargassum in brown algae has high nutritional value, which can improve the quality of agricultural products and grow long after use. The finished fruits, vegetables, and grains are very full and have high nutritional value. Many minerals in the earth's soil are deposited by marine organisms. With the rapid development of agricultural planting, the soil becomes barren. Seaweed biotechnology can restore the soil to its original state, improve the nutritional value of crops, and improve the taste. good.

As early as the 17th century in some coastal countries and regions in Europe, seaweed fertilizers were widely used. In Brittany and Normandy, France, the crops and vegetables grown along hundreds of miles of coastline are famous for using seaweed compost. It has the reputation of "Golden Coast". By the 1940s and 1950s, Britain, the United States and other countries successively established seaweed fertilizer production plants. In 1993, the U.S. Phoenix-250 seaweed fertilizer was officially designated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a special fertilizer for local agriculture in the United States, and seaweed fertilizer received unprecedented attention.

According to the data obtained from experiments in many places, the application of seaweed fertilizers on citrus, cherries, grapes, apples and other crops can generally increase production by 10% to 15%, increase income by 100 to 200 yuan per mu, and the ratio of output to input can reach 4.3: 1. In addition to improving the quality of agricultural products, what is even more valuable is that the use of seaweed fertilizer can also reduce environmental pollution. The traditional chemical fertilizer industry consumes non-renewable resources such as natural gas and oil, and seaweed absorbs nutrients in the ocean. , and at the same time it is a renewable resource that can be recycled.

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