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BIO EXTRA® Brassinolide + Bio Organic Fertilizer BIO EXTRA®

Product Introduction

Active ingredient: 0.0016% brassinolide+ peptides+ organic acids.

Insoluble matter ≤0.5%.

Appearance: Light yellow transparent Liquid.

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Bio-Extra contains Brassinolide, a plant growth regulator, as well as polypeptides and organic acids extracted using patented JHME technology. These ingredients work in concert to control all aspects of plant growth. With the help of Brassinolide, plant cells can split and elongate better, crop roots growth stronger, and chlorophyll content increases with improved photosynthesis. With the help of polypeptide and organic acid, plants can receive a variety of nutrients that will help them grow, resist disease much better, and produce high yield.
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BIO AMINO® Organic Bio Amino Acid Fertilizer BIO AMINO®

Product Introduction

Amino acid ≥100g/L
Micronutrient  ≥20g/L
Fe ≥0.5g/L
Zn ≥0.5g/L
B ≥0.5g/L
Mn ≥0.5g/L
Appearance: Brown liquid

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Bio-Amino apply a special, proprietary JHME technique (co-fermentation of fungi and bacteria). It contains abundant organic biological stimulants, free amino acids, and natural amino acid peptide products. Following the application of this product, spores can develop and colonize in young roots, and beneficial bacteria will release enzymes to promote plant growth and nutrients delivery.
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CALIBUR PRO® Thiodiazole Copper 18%+Kasugamycin 2% 20% SC Fungicide CALIBUR PRO®

Product Introduction

Thiodiazole copper 18% + Kasugamycin 2% 20 % SC.

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CALIBUR PRO® (Thiodiazole Copper 18%+ Kasugamycin 2%SC) has triple bactericidal mechanisms including Thiazole group, Copper ion and Kasugamycin, which will delay resistance development. with strong systemic conductivity, it can simultaneously control bacterial and fungal diseases cross-occurring in the field.
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LEAFEON® Cyhalofop-butyl 10%+Metamifop 10% 20% EC Herbicide LEAFEON®

Product Introduction

Cyhalofop-butyl 10%+ Metamifop 10% 20% EC.

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LEAFEON ® is combined with Metamifop and Cyhalofop-butyl. Metamifop is a kind of aromatic oxyphenoxypropionic acid internal absorption and conduction herbicide to control annual grass weeds. Cyhalofop-butyl can stop the synthesis of fatty acids by inhibiting the activity of acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase, the cell growth and division can not be carried out normally, the lipid structure such as membrane system is damaged, and finally leads to the death of weeds. LEAFEON ® can be used to control the annual grass weeds in the rice direct seeding field.
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COOSA® -Bio Amino Acid Fertilizer Against Mites COOSA®

Product Introduction

Colony-Forming Units ≥200 Million/G.

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N, P, K, water-soluble organic materials, and unique functional microorganisms are all present in COOSAR®. It contains a variety of humic acids, amino acids, and advantageous trace elements such as Mg, B, Zn, Fe, Mo, and Mn. It is a biological, organic, and inorganic compound fertilizer. To successfully increase yields, COOSAR® can control and improve crop sub-health, reduce crop yellowing, premature aging, etc., and increase chlorophyll. It has full water solubility, complete nutrition, and is easily absorbed by plants. It is a great fertilizer for drip irrigation and foliar irrigation.
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FABIA® Flonicamid 20%WDG Insecticide FABIA®

Product Introduction

Flonicamid 20%WDG.

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This product is a completely new pyridamide pesticide and growth regulator named flonicamid which possesses poison form as stomach acid and touch. Moreover, this substance has a potent nerve agent and quick antifeedant effect. When pests like aphids that have piercing-sucking mouth parts consume or breathe in sap while being treated with flonicamid, they are swiftly inhibited from doing so and eventually perish from malnutrition.
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SMASH® Emamectin Benzoate 1.8%+Tolfenpyrad 10% 11.8%SC Insecticide SMASH®

Product Introduction

Emamectin Benzoate 1.8% + Tolfenpyrad 10% 11.8%SC.

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Tolfenpyrad has different forms of poison for pest control. It possesses several insecticidal techniques, including egg killing, feeding inhibition, and oviposition suppression, to produce quick action and persistent effects, special powerful contact killing, and stomach toxicity. Tolfenpyrad prevents insects from producing and storing energy by blocking the flow of electrons during respiration. It is known as the inhibitor of the mitochondrial electron transport complex (METI).
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BIO-CUT® - Special Bio stimulant control Nematodes in 10 mins


Amino Acids

≥ 100 g/L

Mn + Zn + B

≥ 20 g/L

Insoluble residue

≤ 50 g/L

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BIO-CUT special bio stimulant control nematodes in 10 mins, which is Chinese national patent product and exclusively manufactured by CHICO company. It is safe to root system at seeding stage of most crops。
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Crop production is a complex process that is affected by environmental factors such as crops, soil and weather. Farmers should consider these factors during crop production. With some crops solution and products, we can improve some of these factors for better production results. CHICO CROP provides crops solutions to help farmers solve common problems in cultivation effectively.
Crop Solutions
At Chico Crop, our team focuses on providing market-leading fluid solutions and service. As a professional agrochemicals supplier, the Chico team combines in-depth understanding of crop physiology, excellent problem-solving skills and on-farm experience to deliver science-based solutions that work. Over the years, we partners with agronomist and farmers to raise better crops by recommending the high effective product combination.
Insect Solutions
Insecticides are chemicals used to control insects by killing them or preventing them from engaging in undesirable or destructive behaviors. CHICO offers a broad portfolio of innovative solutions to growers that help maintain the health, quality and yield of their crops.
Disease Solutions
Disease is an important factor affecting crop growth. Therefore, CHICO® provide unique and targeted Fungicide Programs for common disease to inhibit its occurrence and development, achieving maximum harvest and yield.
Weed Solutions
Well known that crops and weeds are competitive relationship, it is greatly affects the yield and quality of crops. Therefore, CHICO® master the sensitivity of crops to herbicides to strictly provide weedicide product and also slow down weeds grow resistance.
Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd. is a high agro-tech company specialized in providing comprehensive nutrition for crops, seed treatment and systematic prevention and control of crop diseases, pests and weeds. Over the years, the Company has been committed to research of plant nutrition and agrochemical products as well as production and sales of related products, in order to achieve economical investment, environmentally friendly planting, and good harvest for global growers.
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