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Broad Weeds

Annual broadleaf weeds are mainly: Malachium aquaticum, Purslane, Capsella bursa-pastory, Galium spurium L, Abutilon theophrasti Medicus and so on.


Broadleaf weeds are also called dicotyledonous weeds. The embryo has two cotyledons, herbaceous or woody, with reticulate veins, wide leaves and petioles. According to its life length, it can be divided into annual weeds and perennial weeds.


As a professional agrochemicals supplier, CHICO has accumulated rich experience and could offer the corresponding high-class solutions, e.g.: 

For the rice field, the pre-emergent herbicide like PELIN 450g/L CS and post-emergent herbicides like SAKKO CHING 460g/L SL.

For the wheat field, MCPA-dimethylamine salt 60g/L+Bentazone 400g/l SL.

For the corn field, the post-emergent herbicide like ATZOL 25% OD.

Other Chico Agrochemical Weed Solutions