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What Is Biofertilizer? Precautions For Using Biological Fertilizers


Biological fertilizer in a narrow sense is a product that enables crops to obtain specific fertilizer effects through microbial life activities. It is also called inoculant or bacterial fertilizer. It does not contain nutrients and cannot replace chemical fertilizers. In a broad sense, biological fertilizers are products that contain both the nutrients needed by crops and microorganisms. They are a combination of biology, organic and inorganic substances. They can replace chemical fertilizers and provide various nutrients needed for crop growth and development.

Precautions for the use of biological fertilizers mainly include attention to storage environment, timely use, rational use, separate application with other medicines and fertilizers, and continuity of application.

1. Pay attention to the storage environment

Although bio fertilizer products have strong low temperature resistance, they are relatively weak in high temperature resistance, so they should not be placed in direct sunlight and humid places, and dry and ventilated work should be done well.

2. Pay attention to timely use

Biological fertilizers have a short validity period, even compound solid fertilizers, and should not be stored for a long time. Generally, they can be bought back within 2 months before use.

3. Pay attention to reasonable use

When using biological fertilizers, it must be applied according to the characteristics of biological fertilizers and strictly in accordance with the instructions, especially when it comes to issues such as spraying concentration, operating equipment, and application time, strict operating procedures must be followed.

4. Pay attention to the application of other medicines and fertilizers

Biological fertilizers are generally acidic, and before the microorganisms proliferate in large numbers, the population is weak and easy to be killed or killed, especially when applying fungicides and chemical fertilizers, if they are applied at the same time, both sides will suffer. Therefore, it is best to use biological fertilizers alone before clarifying the properties of other medicines and fertilizers.

5. Pay attention to the continuity of application

When spraying biological fertilizers, the effect will be more obvious within a few days, and then it can last for more than ten to dozens of days. With the long-term exposure of microorganisms, especially the discomfort of high temperature conditions, the microbial population declines rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to apply it in time to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of its effect.

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