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What Is The Effect Of Applying Plant Growth Regulators?


(1) Improve the germination rate

The application of plant growth regulators can significantly increase the germination rate of seeds and create conditions for early emergence and cultivation of strong seedlings.

(2) Cultivate short and strong seedlings

Spraying plant growth regulator products at the three-leaf stage of rapeseed can increase the number of leaves, improve the quality of leaves, and strengthen the roots. Form strong seedlings before winter early, improve cold resistance and disease resistance, increase the number of branches, and increase the number of siliques on the main stem and branches.

(3) Promote root and leaf growth

The application of plant growth regulators can significantly promote the growth of rapeseed roots and leaves and the differentiation of axillary buds and flower buds.

(4) Increase production

Spraying the leaves with plant growth regulators during the full-flowering stage of rapeseed can increase photosynthetic products, reduce flower drop, enhance the distribution of assimilated products to the grains, increase the number of siliques per plant and the number of grains per fruit, thereby improving the harvest index. Plant growth regulators can regulate plant growth, flowering, dormancy, germination and other processes. They are substances with physiological activity in plants that are synthesized by artificially simulating plant hormones. Their functions are similar to those of plant hormones. important role.

The application of plant growth regulators in flowers and trees has become increasingly widespread. Its main function is to promote rooting of cuttings, accelerate plant growth, promote germination of seeds and bulbs, prevent excessive growth of plants, dwarf plants, induce more flowering, more fruit, and regulate flowering , Prevent falling flowers and fruits, etc.

Plant growth regulators are a class of substances that have similar physiological and biological effects to plant hormones. It has been found that the functional substances that regulate plant growth and development include auxin, gibberellin, ethylene, cytokinin, abscisic acid, brassinolide, salicylic acid, jasmonic acid and polyamines, etc., and are used as plant growth regulators. Applications in agricultural production are mainly the first six categories.

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