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Poaceae, Gramineae

Annual gramineous weeds include: Aegilops tauschii, Avena fatua L., Barnyard grass, Foxtail, Digitaria sanguinalis and Leptochloa Chinensis, etc.


Poaceae, Gramineae belong to monocotyledon. The main characteristics of monocotyledonous weeds are that the embryo only has one cotyledon, does not branch, the leaf sheath cracks on one side, the leaf vein is parallel, the leaf blade is small, long and narrow, stands erect, two rows are attached, the surface has small grooves, and there is a wax layer; The stem is cylindrical, with prominent nodes and internodes, and the internodes are often hollow, without branches; The fibrous root system and taproot are underdeveloped.


CHICO has accumulated rich experience and could offer the corresponding high-class solutions, e.g.: 

For the rice field, the pre-emergent herbicide like PELIN 450g/L CS and post-emergent herbicides like LEAFEON 20%EC.

For the wheat field, the post-emergent herbicide like CLOTHO 5%EC, CROWN 60% WP series.

For the corn field, the post-emergent herbicide like ATZOL 25% OD.

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