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Bacterial Wilt

Bacterial wilt is an acute crops disease with rapid spread. In severe cases, it will cause the death of plants, causing serious yield reduction and even crop failure.


Generally, seedlings do not show symptoms. At the beginning of fruit setting, the top, lower and middle leaves of the diseased plant wilted one after another. In some cases, the leaves of one side wilted first or the whole plant wilted at the same time, which was obvious at noon, and returned to normal in the evening. The middle and lower parts of the diseased stems often proliferate adventitious roots or buds, cross cut the diseased stems, and it can be seen that the vascular bundles of the diseased stems become brown. When pressed by hand or moisturized, white bacterial liquid overflows.

Occurrence regularity:

Pathogens are spread by rain, irrigation water, underground pests, operating tools, etc., and most of them invade from the lenticels and wounds at the root or stem base of the host. It is easy to occur under high temperature and humidity.


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