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Leaf Spot

There are many leaf spot diseases that occur on a wide range of native and fruit trees and vegetable crops, like Maize, Tomato and Banana, etc. Many leaf spot diseases have similar biology and therefore very similar management options.


Leaf Spot disease in which various local necrotic disease spots occur mainly on leaves after being attacked by pathogens. It can be caused by fungi, bacteria and nematodes. The pathogens are mainly fungi, such as Cercospora, Helminthosporium, Septoria, Phyllostacta, Alternaria, etc. In addition, Xanthomonas and Pseudomonas can also cause leaf spot disease.

Occurrence regularity:

Leaf spot pathogens mainly overwinter on diseased tissues and seeds of plants, which become the primary source of infection in the next generation of growth season. Most of the germs are spread by wind, rain and sometimes insects. It is usually infected continuously during the growing season. The epidemic of leaf spot disease requires the climatic conditions of large rainfall, more rainfall and suitable temperature.


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