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Soil Fertilization

Soil fertilization is very important in the whole cultivation process. Reasonable fertilization can reduce farming costs and achieve high and stable yield.


Rational fertilization emphasizes the coordination of bio organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer to give full play to the role of fertilizer in increasing production.


Soil conditions must be considered for fertilization:

  • Fertilization is only needed when the soil is insufficient for a certain nutrient. It is necessary to properly supplement the elements needed for planting crops according to the local soil conditions, otherwise it will cause source waste and even crop poisoning. But sometimes farmers will ignore this point.

  • In different soil conditions, a series of reactions will occur after applying fertilizer, and different fertilizer effects will be produced on plants. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the soil conditions and apply fertilizer reasonably. For example, try not to apply nitrate nitrogen fertilizer in paddy fields, otherwise it will inevitably reduce fertilizer efficiency.

soil fertilizer