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CHICO Charity Activity -Together, Supporting The Sun Of Tomorrow


December 24th ~ 26th, 2019.

Chico Crops and Shenzhen Lions Club Donate to Poor Students in China

Chico Crops, together with Shenzhen Lions Club Xiangshan Service Team and the members from other service teams, went to Hongjiang, Shaoshan and Shaodong, which located in Hunan Province, China, to carry out a charity activities to help students.

On December 24th, they came to the Central School of Jiangshi Town, Hongjiang City, Hunan Province to carry out the "Together, Supporting the Sun of Tomorrow" charity activity. They donated 100,000 yuan of supplies and money to 108 poor students to help their education, and more than 300 students attended the donation ceremony.

In charity activities, CHICO and others team has donated 500 yuan of winter supplies and 400 yuan of stipends to each of 108 poor children in 20 townships, to help them by providing daily supplies, they encouraged the students to study hard for the bring future. Their kindness deeply warms these children from remote mountainous areas in China.

Students Present Red Scarves and Perform "Grateful Heart" in Gratitude

The students presented red scarves to these kind people, and performed "Grateful Heart", "Sharp Horns" etc., to express gratitude to their kindness.

The charity team was divided into five groups after the activities, accompanied by the Municipal Women's Federation and town cadres, they visited the students in 9 natural villages to learn more about the children's problems, family situation, study and living situation.

They encourage the children to overcome difficulties, study hard, and constructe of their hometown in the future.

Charity Team Visits 9 Natural Villages to Learn About Children's Problems

Donator: Shenzhen Lions Club, Chico Crop Science Co., LTD., Shaodong Student Aid and Public Welfare Tour.

During this activity, they donated some love suppliers to Shatianqiao Junior Middle School, which improves the school's running conditions and enrich the extracurricular life of teachers and students. 

At the donation ceremony, the children presented commemorative trophies to the donator and performed "Grateful Heart" to thank them for their kindness.

Teacher Yang Fuliang donated calligraphy works to the school.

December 26 is the 126th anniversary of MAO's birth. The donors laid wreaths to Chairman MAO in MAO Zedong Square and visited MAO's former residence in memory of Chairman MAO.