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CHICO® Fast Boron

  • chico fast boron




Product feature:

1. High absorptivity: 100% water-soluble liquid fertilizer contains boron 130g/L which has much higher absorptivity than solid boron fertilizer.

2. Cost effective: Apply this product to soil in boron shortage can significantly increase quality and yield of crops for better profits.

3. Organic chelated boron: Rich in organic chelated boron which can greatly enhance absorptivity for microelement of crops.

4. Wide range of application: This product can provide prevention and treatment for the diseases which cause by shortage of boron, enhance diseases resistance of crops.

5. Good mixing compatibility: This product can fast solute in water at normal temperatures and mix apply with various pesticide as well as fertilizer.

Applicable Crops

Fruits trees, vegetable and melons, flowers, commercial crops, filed crops, etc

Recommend application



Application method

Foliar Spray

1000-1500 times diluted with water

1-2 times foliar spray before flowering to promote the flower;

1-2 times foliar spray after flowering to raise fruit setting rate

Drip Irrigation, Flushing


1 time before flowering and 1 time after flowing to raise fruit setting rate

Note :The usage should be adjusted according to local soil fertility , crop conditions and fertilization habits.

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