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The Spring of Biofertilizer is Coming!


While microbial organic fertilizers are increasingly recognized by the people and their application is increasing, the development of the microbial organic fertilizer industry is also in full swing. 

The importance of microbial organic fertilizers

Bio-fertilizer is an extremely important and effective ecological nutrition system, which is mainly related to biological, especially microbial processes. This effective biological nutrition process is the inevitable result of the activities of certain (functional/specific) microorganisms surviving in the soil, which can provide plants with nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and some trace elements. Therefore, microorganisms can activate the soil, improve soil fertility, and play a driving role in the sustainable development of crops and other organisms.

The efficacy of microbial organic fertilizers

① Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers: increase the content of trace elements in the soil, increase soil organic matter, indirectly improve the efficiency of chemical fertilizer utilization, and improve soil fertility.

② Increase crop yields: increase yields by up to 20%-60%, while improving the quality of crops and agricultural products, enhance disease resistance and increasing farmers' income.

③ Reconstruct healthy soil and improve the ability of crops to resist pests and diseases.

④ Non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free, used to produce pollution-free, environmentally friendly, green organic crops.

The core element of the green plant protection system is microorganisms. The current status of agriculture is the excessive use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which causes the imbalance of the natural ecology of the soil, the breeding of various pests and diseases, the damage of physical and chemical properties, and the decline of the fertility of the natural balance. Now we must rely on microorganisms. Take from nature and use it for nature. Microorganisms change the microecology, and the microecology creates the macroecology.