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How to prevent crop disease during rainy season

During the rainy season, air humidity and soil moisture will increase significantly. This high-humidity environment is very conducive to the growth and reproduction of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

At the same time, due to the low temperature and insufficient light brought by rainy days, the self-defense ability of crops will be weakened, making them more susceptible to disease attacks. 
The rainy season is also a period of high incidence of some diseases such as blight, bacterial wilt and powdery mildew, which will seriously affect the yield and quality of crops once these disease break out.

How to prevent crop disease during rainy season

In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of crop diseases during rainy season, a variety of methods need to be adopted for prevention and control.

1. Strengthen field management: Promptly remove diseased plants and leaves to reduce the breeding and spread of pathogenic bacteria.
2. Plant disease-resistant varieties: Choose crop varieties with strong disease resistance for planting to reduce the probability of disease occurrence.
3. Chemical and biological methods :In the early stages of the disease, using chemical or biological methods in a timely manner to inhibit the spread and breakout.

 Downy mildew and Blight disease 

When downy mildew and blight disease occur, it is recommended to use CYFA® or PROFLU®

CYFA®:This product is a compound formulation of famoxadone and cymoxanil, which is an extremely systemic and therapeutic fungicide, the two will complement each other in functions, and greatly enhance their protection and treatment effects.



PROFLU®:This product is a low-toxic systemic fungicide, composed of a new therapeutic fungicide, Fluopicolide, and a systemic conductive fungicide, Propamocard hydrochloride. The two active ingredient have a significant synergistic effect. It has both protective and therapeutic effects. It has a stable and good control on vegetables crop diseases caused by down mildew and phytopthora.



Antracnose disease

When anthracnose occurs, it is recommended to use DIPMA®

DIPMA®: This product is a compound of triazole fungicide and imidazole fungicide. It has systemic conductivity and interferes with the normal growth of germs mainly by inhibiting ergosterol biosynthesis. It has a strong inhibitory effect on the spore formation of plant pathogens, and has a good prevention and treatment efficacy on a variety of crop diseases.



Bacterial disease

When bacterial diseases occurs, it is recommended to use CALIBUR®

CALIBUR® is a National Invention Patent product with independent intellectual property right and exclusively manufacturing.

This product is a highly effective systemic and conductive fungicide. The chemical structure of CALIBUR® is ring-shaped, with the characteristics of high stability and efficacy, it is easier to enter the tissues of crops (systemic conduction). Under the action of enzymes in the crops, the ring-shaped structure breaks down to form copper ions and thiazole groups. With the combined action of the two groups, CALIBUR® can treat bacteria and fungal diseases more thoroughly with excellent efficacy, broad spectrum and long duration.



Powdery mildew and Grey mold

Biological control can utilize beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi to control the proliferation of pathogens and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

CURER® is a pure organic bio solution product, which has significant treamet effect on crop fungal diseases, especially on powdery mildew and gray mold. It takes effects on 24-48 hours after application.



How to do enhance crop's anti-diseases ability

In agricultural production, corresponding control measures need to be taken according to the specific types and occurrence patterns of diseases to ensure the healthy growth and yield of crops. At the same time, using together with some special foliar fertilizers can be applied to enhance the disease resistance of crops , and applying biological soil conditioner in seedling stage or seedtreatment for strengthen crop root system health.



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