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Product Introduction:

Fast Calcium is a highly concentrated sugar alcohol preparation in clear and thick liquid form with high calcium and magnesium content. It contains various sugar alcohols such as mannitol, xylitol, lactitol, sorbitol and so on, which can significantly enhance absorptivity for Calcium of crops. Fast supply calcium demand and lower nitrogen calcium ratio of crops, effectively prevent fruit-cracking, blossom end rot and bitter pit which cause by shortage of calcium, greatly improve appearance and quality of fruits.

Product feature:

1. High Purity: Supply medium and microelement which needed by crops such as Ca, Zn, B, Mn, Mo and so on.

2. High Permeability: Good conductivity, easier for crops to absorb nutrition.

3. Repair Cells: Improve metabolic function of crops, enhance disease resistance.

4. Promote Plant Growing: Promote growth of crops, stronger root system, branches and leaves.

5. Enhancement of Ability: Enhance disease and stress resistance of crops.

Applicable Crops

Fruits trees, vegetable and melons, flowers, commercial crops, filed crops, etc

Recommend application



Application method

Foliar Spray

1000-1500 times diluted with water

This product can apply in all growth stage, strongly recommend to apply 2-3 times before fruit bagging

Drip Irrigation, Flushing

500-800 times diluted with water

This product can apply in all growth stage

Note :The usage should be adjusted according to local soil fertility , crop conditions and fertilization habits.

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