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CHICO Charity Activity-Love In Border Education


Glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn. This love student aid activity is centered on the theme of "Love for students at the border, send true love from different places, and help others grow with love". It is aimed at the backward infrastructure construction of Bainan Township Central Primary School, which cannot meet the requirements of modern education development, resulting in the outflow of teachers and students. CHICO Team take the social responsibility of private enterprises with practical love actions.

On June 11th, CHICO Team came to the Central Primary School of Bainan Township, Napo County, Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and participated in the "CHICO love education activity" with the teachers and students of the whole school.

Donation Ceremony

CHICO team hopes to provide assistance to these left-behind children within their ability by donating to school. At the same time, it hopes that more public welfare groups, enterprises and individuals will pay attention to left-behind children, undertake more social responsibilities, and respond to the call of President Xi Jinping of the Party Central Committee for targeted poverty alleviation, do your best to win this tough battle.

Planting trees with love after the donation activity, everyone planted a sweet-scented osmanthus tree on the campus, which symbolizes victory, nobility, friendship and auspiciousness.

CHICO hopes that teachers and students will be successful in their studies and build a beautiful home together.

Media Coverage

Also participating in the activity were the leaders of the Napo County Party Committee, the person in charge of the County Education Bureau, and the leaders of Bainan Township. Napo TV also reported on the event.

Shady reading gallery

The donation will be used to build a shaded reading gallery on campus. Children can play happily and study hard in the garden-like campus in the future!


Write at the end:

Someone said: "It is instinct to love your own children, but it is sacred to love the children of others!" The love given by our teachers is precisely this sacredness. "Education without love becomes a pond without water." Teachers work hard with their own sweat and keep watering beautiful flowers of the soul.

CHICO Team express our love for giving back to the society and support for education through such a public welfare activity. Acts of kindness create harmony, and love inherits virtue. Donating to education is a cause that has merit in the contemporary era and benefits in the future, and it is also the inheritance and development of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation under the core socialist value.