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The Correct Use of Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer and Cautions


As an efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer, amino acid liquid fertilizer has been widely used in modern agriculture. However, to give full play to its effect, it is necessary to master the correct use methods and precautions. In this paper, we will elaborate on the correct use of amino acid liquid fertilizer and Cautions from below few points to help farmers make better use of this fertilizer.

Rationally determine the amount of use and concentration

Amino acid liquid fertilizer usage and concentration need to be based on crop species, growth stage, soil conditions and fertilization purposes to be reasonably determined. Generally speaking, different crops have different requirements for amino acids, so before applying fertilizer to understand the crop's nutrient demand characteristics. At the same time, different stages of crop growth on the nutrient demand will also change, such as seedlings need moderate fertilization, while flowering and fruiting need to increase the amount of fertilizer. In addition, soil fertility and moisture status will also affect the absorption and utilization of fertilizers, so these factors should be considered when applying fertilizers. When determining the amount to be used, it is recommended to refer to the product instructions or consult an agricultural expert. Overuse may lead to wastage of nutrients and environmental pollution, while underuse may affect crop growth and yield. At the same time, attention should be paid to the dilution times to ensure that the concentration of fertilizer is moderate, to avoid excessive concentration on the crop damage.

Choose the appropriate fertilization period and method

Amino acid liquid fertilizer fertilization period and method of fertilization has an important impact on the fertilization effect. Generally speaking, the crop growth period is the best time to fertilize, such as spring and summer. At this stage, the crop's demand for nutrients is large, and the fertilization effect is more significant. In terms of fertilization methods, amino acid liquid fertilizer can be applied through foliar spraying and root irrigation. Foliar spraying can quickly replenish crop nutrients and improve the efficiency of leaf photosynthesis; root irrigation is conducive to the uniform distribution of nutrients in the soil and the absorption of the crop root system. In the fertilization process, to ensure that the fertilizer uniformly covers the crop leaves or soil surface, to avoid leakage or reapplication.

Pay attention to the use of safety and environmental protection

In the use of amino acid liquid fertilizer, pay attention to the use of safety and environmental protection. First of all, to ensure that the quality of fertilizer is qualified, to avoid the use of expired or poor quality products. Secondly, in the process of fertilizer application should wear good protective gear to avoid fertilizer contact with skin and eyes. In addition, attention should be paid to cleaning up after fertilizer application to avoid environmental pollution.

At the same time, pay attention to environmental protection. When using amino acid liquid fertilizer, it is necessary to follow the principle of sustainable development of agriculture. In addition, it is necessary to rationally use agricultural waste and resources to promote the balance and stability of the agricultural ecosystem. 

In summary, mastering the correct use of amino acid liquid fertilizer and precautions is of great significance for improving crop yield and quality. When using amino acid liquid fertilizer, farmers should reasonably determine the amount and concentration of use, choose the appropriate fertilization period and method, pay attention to the use of other fertilizers and pay attention to the use of safety and environmental protection issues, in order to ensure that the effect of fertilization is given full play to.