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Develop Ecological Agriculture And Make Good Use Of Biological Fertilizers


Farming and fertilization has undergone a transition from applying organic fertilizers to chemical fertilizers. This transformation is only a few decades, and many problems have already appeared, such as polluted environment, soil compaction, aggravated diseases and insect pests, melons are not sweet, fruits are not fragrant, vegetables are tasteless, etc. If no corresponding measures are taken, the application of chemical fertilizers will be reduced. , the consequences are unpredictable. Fortunately, agricultural scientists have developed biological fertilizers, which can change or alleviate the above phenomena.

In general, bio fertilizer products have the following functions:

(1) Improve soil fertility.

Through the action of beneficial microorganisms, it can fix nitrogen in the air and soil, decompose the phosphorus and potassium elements fixed in the soil, change the physical and chemical properties of the soil, increase the content of various elements in the soil, and provide necessary nutrients for plant growth.

(2) Enhance plant stress resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

Due to the activity of a large number of microorganisms in the soil, substances that inhibit pathogenic bacteria are secreted, which greatly reduces the chance of reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, so the chance of plant disease is correspondingly reduced, laying a good foundation for the growth of plants.

(3) Improve the quality of crop products and increase yield.

Due to the activity of microorganisms, the stress resistance is enhanced, and sufficient nutrients are provided, the production is robust, and the fruit quality of natural plants is good, and the yield is also high.

(4) Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and reduce production costs.

Microbes decompose the nutrient elements fixed in the soil, which can continuously provide nutrients for plant growth, so the amount of chemical fertilizers is reduced accordingly.

 (5) Protect the environment.

Reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can effectively prevent environmental pollution.

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