A new era of biological control of mites

What is COOSATM?

COOSATM contains 25% total nutrition of N, P, K, water-soluble organic matter 20%, and special functional bacteria. It is a biological, organic and inorganic compound fertilizer with various humic acids, amino acids and beneficial trace elements such as Mg, B,Zn, Fe, Mo, Mn.
COOSATM can regulate and improve crop sub-health, reduce crop yellowing, premature aging, etc., and increase chlorophyll, thereby effectively increasing yields. It’s fully water-soluble, with comprehensive nutrition, and can be quickly absorbed by crops, It’s an excellent foliar and drip irrigation fertilizer.

unique features

Recommended usage and dosage

Excellent Foliar Fertilizer Fast Knock Down Mites
Dilute with water to 500~800 times Dilute with water to 150~200 times
COOSATM is suitable for using on all crops as fertilizer.
The nutritious triangle balance of biological bacteria & inorganic nutrients & organic nutrients particularly can meet crops’ demand for fertilization. Therefore, the fertilizer is highly efficient after application.
COOSATM does not contain any pesticide ingredient.
It mainly exploits the biological mechanisms of bio-stimulants such as special functional bacteria to treat mites effectively.
Dilute with water to 500-800 times, it shows excellent efficiency within 3 days after drip irrigation or spray application, the leaves of crops are glossy, bright and green. It can increase crop stress resistance, increase yield and income; Promote rooting, flowering, and fruiting for mostly crops; Improve fruit appearance, brightness, sweetness, storage resistance. Fruit trees Dilute with water to 170-200 times. It takes 10-15 minutes to effectively get rid of mites.
Rice Dilute with water to 150 times. By spraying, pests such as delphacids, leafhoppers and gall midges are knocked down.
Vegetables Dilute with water to 170 times.It has significant biological effects on pests such as whitefly, grayfly, and bemisia tabaci.

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